Terrarium Wall 101: Soaring Vivariums, Wall Mounts (& More)

Welcome to the enticing – and confusing – world of terrarium walls.

Confusing because a terrarium wall isn’t a definitive thing but can refer to any one of several very different (yet all individually fabulous) horticultural projects.

But don’t let the lack of specificity drive you up the wall.

From simple wall decor crafts to gigantic reptile vivariums spanning entire rooms. There’s something for everyone under this poorly defined term. 

In this post, I’ll take you through four different wall terrarium creations and projects to spark inspiration. 

So let’s go! Balls to the wall!

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Wall Terrarium DIY: 4 Ways

1 | Wall Mounted Terrarium or Wall Planter 

Everyone knows a levitated creation is always better than a grounded one.

Wall-mounted terrariums are the ultimate way to jazz up your walls with that much-desired terrarium aesthetic. And it can be easy to execute, too.

You could do this with inspired terrarium wall decor or an actual wall-mounted glass terrarium. Anything goes when it comes to style.

Helpfully, there are plenty of containers with built-in wall brackets available to purchase.

👉 Shop mounted terrarium planters on Etsy.

Hanging Terrariums

If mounting wasn’t enough, you could hang your terrarium.

You’ll need a ceiling mount or my favorite drill-free hack door hangers (the kind that hooks onto the back of your door to hang coats). 

Naturally, that would mean the terrarium is on your door rather than your wall, but close enough, right?

To hang it, something like macrame is great, or somewhat more easily, use a purpose-made container with a built-in hook. 

This piece by SNL Creations is so dreamy. (Image Credit: SNLCreations on Etsy).

👉 Shop hanging terrarium on Etsy.

When suspending glass, there is a lot to consider, so feel free to check our hanging terrarium guide for more help.

2 | Large Wall Terrarium & Reptile Vivarium Installations

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear ‘wall terrarium’ is the huge, luscious vivarium installations I see on Instagram.

If you’re unfamiliar, vivariums are amphibian and reptile terrariums – and they can get BIG. Some are even room-sized.

A technical step up from the humble terrarium, the goal is not only to create a realistic rainforest illusion but to cater to native animals, such as dart frogs.

If you’re a well-versed hobbyist, it’s the perfect next step, but if not, they aren’t beginner-friendly.

With animals, there’s inherently a lot more to consider. Feeding is the obvious one, but also climate regulation, which usually involves automated systems. 

Despite being a real challenge, these pieces are worth the extra work. 

3 | Moss Wall 

Despite not technically being a terrarium (or even living), moss walls are undeniably captivating. 

This juicy moss wall Austin Moss Creations is ridiculously stunning. 🤤 (Image Credit: AustinMossCreations on Etsy).

By using preserved moss, they expertly get around the fact that live terrarium moss needs high humidity to thrive, creating an equally vibrant result without the need for upkeep.

That’s right, a life-like, maintenance-free art installment. Who wouldn’t want one?

If you see this being a project you’d like to explore, we have a guide on how-to create a moss wall ready for you to get your teeth into, written by terrarium builder Joe Rees. All you need is a wood or metal frame, some preserved moss, and glue. 

Joe is the man when it comes to moss wall designs!

To simplify the process (and get only what you need), you could check out these DIY moss wall kits.

And if you’d rather skip the DIY altogether, there are plenty of options available to purchase ready-made pieces at various price points too.

👉 Shop moss walls on Etsy.

4 | Vertically Planted Terrarium

If I had my back against a wall, I might admit that the vertically planted terrarium is my favorite.

And it’s certainly a challenge to pull off.

Instead of creating a traditional closed terrarium (with flora planted into a substrate layer covering the bottom of the container), moss, plants, and sometimes even hardscape are suspended across the wall of the terrarium.

And it looks incredible.

I’m in awe of this gorgeous vertical terrarium by NCYP Garden.  (Image Credit: NCYPGarden on Etsy).

There are two main ways the vertical look can be achieved:

  • In smaller builds –  Simply tightly packing the materials should do the trick. The substrate layer first, the moss on top, and finally, wedge in any small plant cuttings you’re using (gently). The piece should stay secure as you lift the terrarium upright if it’s cozy enough. Hurrah.
  • In larger buildsDIY terrarium backgrounds are the most common solution; any attached hardscape items can provide crevices for planting. And, since terrarium moss tends to get on with super glue surprisingly well (yes, really), it can be directly and securely attached to the background.

However it’s done, the result is captivating.

Wall Terrarium DIY – Best Wall Terrarium Kits

Now it’s time to look at your DIY terrarium kit options.

Honestly, there’s not much out there. I had a good look, and the only mounted terrarium kits I found swapped out terrarium plants for faux plastic ones – which completely misses the point.

However, I found one fantastic option for moss wall lovers…

This moss wall kit by Naturely Box is amazing. It includes a great variety of mosses, lichen, and preserved ferns and comes in several frame sizes.

This product is really reasonably priced, in my opinion, and I know firsthand how much terrarium costs can climb when buying the materials individually. And you can add a glue gun to your order if you don’t already have one for $4.99. Handy!

What a gorgeous way to let your creativity roam free. (Image Credit: NaturelyBox on Etsy).


There you have it – terrarium walls four ways. I’m curious: which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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Happy planting! X

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