The 5 Best Moss Terrarium Kits for Sale (For Every Project)

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that live moss makes or breaks a closed terrarium.

But when it spreads its wings, goes out on its own, and becomes the exclusive star of the show? Well, that’s where it shines even brighter.

If you’re ready to build your very own mossarium, this is the article for you. I’m going to show you the top moss terrarium kits for sale right now, so you can find your perfect match and create your perfect piece.

There’s no time to moss about; let’s do this thing!

Moss Terrarium Kits

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Our 5 Top Moss Terrarium Kits

1 | Best Moss Terrarium Kit for Beginners

This kit by E K Terrariums is a lovely, straightforward product sold at a reasonable price. 

Honestly, what more could we ask for?

In fact, my closed terrarium kit roundup gives it my vote for the best mossarium/mini kit!

Moss terrarium kit ingredients laid out on table
It’s tiny, it’s adorable, and it’s made of high-quality materials. (Image Credit: EKTerrariums on Etsy).

The kit has a few key features that make it ideal for beginners.

  • The jar has a relatively wide opening (the narrower, the trickier to assemble).
  • It includes a wooden pick to make maneuvering the moss into the desired shape easier.
  • The reviews frequently mention easy-to-follow instructions.

Sounds good to me!

2 | Best Moss Terrarium Kit With Accessories

These kits by My DIY Terrarium come with all the bells and whistles, making them a perfect choice for anyone who loves to accessorize.

All of the kits come with an abundance of luscious terrarium moss, but you can also choose from three styles:

  • Style 1 – comes with a driftwood piece and two mini ladybirds.
  • Style 2 – comes with an (extremely cute) baby Buddha statue.
Closed terrarium with moss and a baby Buddha statue
I think this is my favorite of the three kit options. (Image credit: MyDIYTerrarium on Etsy).
  • Style 3 – comes with a crystal, decorative sand, and even a couple of Fittonia cuttings (which would make this one a terrarium kit, not a mossarium kit, but who’s keeping score?).
Three closed moss terrariums with blue-green light
If the snazzy extras aren’t extra enough for you, you have the option to choose a regular cork lid or one with an inbuilt multi-color LED light. (Image credit: MyDIYTerrarium on Etsy).

Life’s short, so why not go the extra mile?

I’m also pretty sure this is the largest kit on the list, though I’m not 100% sure because I’m from the UK, and some measurements are in ounces and some in inches, which is a giant nope for me.

3 | Best Moss Terrarium Kit With Multiple Mosses

This cute kit by Green Mountain Moss isn’t your average mossarium kit. 

The finished result packs the punch of a closed terrarium – with just moss. All thanks to the headlining moss, Climacium dendroides (which looks like a tiny little conifer tree).

Small moss terrarium on windowsill with tree-like moss
A teeny, tiny world in a jar! (Image credit: GreenMountainMoss on Etsy).

In the kit, you get two ethically harvested mosses from Vermont, so you can build a miniature scene with contrast and texture.

It comes in two options: the glass container with the bamboo lid you’ve just seen and a smaller glass jar with a metal screw-on lid (which reminds me of a salt and pepper jar).

Moss terrarium kit ingredients laid out on table with packaging
You have all the tools you need: stainless steel tweezers, a pipette for watering, and a bamboo dowel tool. (Image credit: GreenMountainMoss on Etsy).

4 | Best Bottle Moss Terrarium Kit

This bottle terrarium kit by BTV Terrariums is great for anyone who’s up for a fun challenge. 

Why’s that? Well, bottles aren’t the easiest to plant but fear not, the kit includes a pair of long aquascaping tweezers to make it a whole lot easier.

You’ll be able to keep and use these for projects to come!

Constructed closed terrarium with materials used to build spread around
 It’s actually sold as a closed terrarium kit, not a mossarium one, as it’s suggested that you add some of your own plant cuttings. (Image credit: BTVTerrariums on Etsy).

You could stick with the live moss that the kit comes with, or why not add something dainty like a Pilea glauca cutting to the mix?

5 | Best Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium Kit

This kit by TOSS Rocks is the wild card of the group.

If you’re unfamiliar, Marimo moss isn’t actually a moss; it’s an algae. And Marimo moss terrarium isn’t actually a terrarium; it’s more of a water garden.

That said, they look lovely, and I’m not one to draw hard and fast rules when it comes to DIY projects!

(Just note that Marimo moss sales have been suspended in recent years due to the presence of ecosystem-destroying mussels. So please check on their status before purchasing!).

Hand-holding mini marimo moss ball terrarium with purple gemstones at bottom
They’re often called Marimo moss pets – and there’s no cuter way to brighten up your desk than with one. (Image credit: TOSSRocks on Etsy).

The kit comes with the moss ball, a mini jar with a lid, a little gnarled hardscape branch, and your choice of gemstone rocks for a base.

You can choose from amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, and my personal favorite – fluorite. Or, if gemstones aren’t your thing, you can opt for no base or sand.

That’s All, Folks

Don’t forget to share your fabulous mossarium with us on Instagram! And if you’re already gearing up for your next moss project, why not check out the best moss wall kits

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