How to Grow the Windswept Mood Moss (Dicranum scoparium)

Dicranum scoparium is a fascinating moss that affectionately gets the name “Mood Moss” by its temperamental appearance. When it’s suitably watered it looks fluffy and vibrant, but when it’s dehydrated it looks weak and delicate (a bit like us really).

Regardless of how much moisture it’s holding, it forms thick clumps and the leaves tend to lean to one side, giving it a certain windswept look.

This unique appearance, along with its vibrant green colouring and wonderful texture, makes it a fantastic accent plant for terrariums.

Dicranum Scoparium (Mood Moss)

Where to Buy Mood Moss

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Dicranum scoparium Care & Growth

Plant TypeMoss
LightingMedium – high indirect light
Temperature60-80°F (15-26°C)
WateringInfrequent, even moisture
HumidityHigh humidity (60-90%)
Growth1-4 inches


Dicranum scoparium will do best with bright, indirect sunlight. It’ll thrive under an appropriate artificial grow light, but keep out of direct sunlight.


Despite looking its best when saturated with water, Mood Moss doesn’t like constant moisture. In a closed terrarium environment, it’s unlikely to need any direct watering.


Mood Moss isn’t particularly picky when it comes to where it grows. It’ll happily grow on a range of terrarium substrates, as long as they have plenty of drainage.

Temperature & Humidity

Dicranum scoparium will comfortably grow in a warm, humid environment. But if you decide to open the terrarium, it’ll tolerate dryer conditions and natural airflow too.


As an acrocarpous moss, Mood Moss forms dense clumps. With the leaves growing upwards to give a wavy, fluffy appearance.

It has so much gorgeous texture it makes a great choice for a moss terrarium.

It’s not a particularly quick grower, and shouldn’t need much trimming.


Dicranum scoparium propagates through spores. They form in capsules at the ends of long stalks, and are released to the wind to settle elsewhere – forming a new colony. Though they won’t naturally get far in a terrarium with no airflow.

Varieties & Similar Plants

Dicranum is a large genus of mosses that all form the typical densely packed clumps with wave-like leaves. Variations include; Dicranum fuscescens (Dusky Fork-Moss) and Dicranum bergeri (Waved Fork-Moss).

Cushion Moss (Leucobryum glaucum) is somewhat similar, just with shorter leaves.

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Common Problems

Mood Moss typically needs a lot less water than other terrariums plants and mosses. When watering your terrarium, take care not to saturate this moss, as it is prone to rotting under excessively wet conditions.