Leucobryum glaucum (Pincushion Moss / Pillow Moss) Made Easy

The green mossy mounds of Leucobryum glaucum are easily recognisable thanks to its many appropriate cushion-based names. It’s anacrocarpous moss, meaning it doesn’t branch out and grows in very compact ‘clumps’.

The mounds can naturally grow up to 20 inches tall in the wild, but will generally stay quite compact in a terrarium environment. They’re a wonderful accent plant in a terrarium, providing a unique texture and shape.

Leucobryum Glaucum (Pillow Moss)

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Leucobryum glaucum Care & Growth

Plant TypeMoss
LightingMedium – high indirect light
Temperature65-80°F (18-26°C)
WateringRegular, even moisture
HumidityMedium – high humidity (50-90%)
Growth1-5 inches (in a terrarium)


Cushion Moss requires a bit more sunlight to thrive than other terrarium mosses. Though it will still grow well enough in a low-light terrarium environment and should be kept out of direct sunlight.


This moss thrives in a moisture-rich environment but can go without for short periods. Keep it consistently moist for best growth conditions.


Leucobryum glaucum grows naturally in a variety of conditions from arid soils to wetlands, so it’ll likely do fine on a variety of terrarium substrates too.

Temperature & Humidity

Leucobryum glaucum is known to grow in dryer, arid conditions, but it will do better in a high humidity terrarium environment.


Cushion Moss grows at a fairly slow rate, but it also tends to grow longer and bushier, rather than wider or taller.

So, you don’t need to worry about your little fluff ball becoming one of those outdoor giants (or outgrowing your terrarium/mossarium). But it might need pruning occasionally.


Cushion Moss won’t propagate through division like carpeting mosses will. New plants form at the edges of each tuft, which then fall off and form new cushion colonies.

Varieties & Similar Plants

Cushion Moss refers to any of the Leucobryum genus that form ‘clumps’. This includes Leucobryum juniperoideum which typically forms much smaller clumps with much shorter leaves.

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Common Problems

These types of moss retain water incredibly well. So (even though it likes constant moisture) it can be easily overwatered if you’re pouring rather than misting.