20/21 (Google) Trends: 10 Crazy Houseplant Stats

We’re all guilty of asking the occasional embarrassing question to Google, our all-knowing internet confidant.

Which makes Google Trends a fascinating place to hang out these days.

If you’re unfamiliar, it essentially gives us a glimpse into people’s private internet searches and behaviors. Just what are people asking the internet right now?

Well, whilst most people seem to be interested in “bread recipes” or “home workouts” right now, it’s clear that in the 2020 global crisis people are also turning to plants for support and company… with mixed success.

I for one, welcome our newly found collective wonder for urban/indoor gardening – I just hope the plants are better off for it.

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Plants are Crazy Popular Right Now

#1 “Indoor Plants”

Since the global lockdown, people are going nuts for indoor plants.

Which makes sense, right? Now is absolutely the best time to stock up on new plant friends. They’re great for reducing stress, purifying the air, and talking to when you’re lonely…

#2 “Buy Plants” vs “Buy Shoes”

It’s official, plants are now popular than shoes!

To be fair, it’s not like we’re going anywhere for a while. I’ve barely got dressed these last few weeks let alone put my shoes on.

More plants, less shoes. That’s a platform I can get behind.

#3 “Plant Delivery”

Look at all these plants being delivered!

Well, we’ve got to get our plants somehow. Clearly business is good for any companies selling plants online. I feel for the local plant nurseries and garden centers, but I think a shift online is a positive thing for a lot of people.

#4 “Names for Plants

I thought my partner Rae was the only one who did this, but clearly people are getting much more familiar with their new plant friends…

Our Alocasia Black Velvet named Alana his possibly my favorite.

People Are Just as Concerned for Their Plants as they are Themselves

#5 “Can Plants get Coronavirus?”

Highly unlikely, but a valid question I guess.

Stay safe people (and plants)!

#6 “My Plant is Dying”

Uh oh. We now have all the time in the world to look after our plants, but it’s clearly not all going to plan.

If this is you, maybe try one of the more bulletproof plants like the Neon Pothos?

#7 “How to Revive Plants”

It’s all over kids. The plant revolution is dead.

People Are Growing and Building Like Never Before

#8 “DIY Terrarium”

Great to see people are taking to terrariums during this time too.

Terrarium building is such a soothing practice, I’d recommend it to anyone looking to wind down and explore their creativity. Check out our Easy Terrarium Guide for the perfect step-by-step introduction!

#9 “Edible Plants”

Edible plants ey? I’m hoping this reflects a desire to grow our own foods at home or forage for local supplies, and not people resorting to eating their houseplants…

#10 “How to Grow an Avocado”

Good to see people have their horticultural priorities straight.

It’s better than eating your parlour palms though, right?

Over to You

Plants are on the up! There’s no doubt about it.

If you need any help picking some for terrariums, check out our Guide to Closed Terrarium Plants. Or if you have burning questions, check out our Terrarium FAQ page!

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