Pilea Glauca ‘Aquamarine’ – Secrets of a Serene Beauty

Pilea glauca remains a much loved – if a little enigmatic – plant species.

With delicate silvery-grey foliage, and warm red stems, its unique character lends itself to many names like “Aquamarine”, or “Silver Sparkle Pilea” (but technically it doesn’t have a confirmed name!).

Native to the rainforests of Brazil, this trailing terrarium plant has lots of tiny round leaves and makes a fantastic ground cover or cascading plant if mounted high. Pilea glauca is super easy to grow and makes a worthy addition to just about any terrarium setup.

Pilea glauca (Aquamarine)

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Pilea glauca Care & Growth

Plant TypeVine
LightingBright, indirect light
Temperature55-80°F (12-26°C)
WateringRegular, even moisture
HumidityHigh humidity (60-90%)
Growth3-4 inches


Pilea glauca is a terrarium plant that can handle a couple of hours of direct sunlight per day, but it will do best with lots of bright, indirect light.


Despite its succulent leaves, Pilea glauca still likes regular, even moisture to thrive – making it a good fit for tropical closed terrariums. Though, just like a succulent, it’s also prone to rot if left in over-saturated substrate for too long.


This adaptable plant isn’t overly picky when it comes to substrate. A light, well draining mix with good water retention should be the ideal combination for growth.

Temperature & Humidity

Pilea glauca is often grown as a houseplant, so it’s very forgiving in terms of temperature and humidity. However, it is still a tropical plant and so it’ll really thrive in a hot and humid environment.


The trailing foliage of Pilea glauca can rapidly form a thick ground cover for a terrarium. Pruning it back will keep it compact and dense, but it can be nice to let it naturally weave around a container.

Look out for the tiny flowers that can – and will – explode pollen into the air after watering (hence the name “Grey Artillery Plant”).


Pilea glauca is an incredibly easy plant to propagate through stem cuttings.

Simply snip off a healthy new growth with at least one node and a couple of leaves, then plant it stem first into the substrate. They can be propagated in water, but they’ll do much better in a tropical terrarium environment with lots of moisture.

Varieties & Similar Plants

So little is known about Pilea glauca and its origins, there has been no cultivars or varieties identified just yet. However, it shares a strong resemble to another Pilea depressa with its abundance of tiny leaves and trailing growth habit.

Common Problems

In reality, this plant species is very easy to grow, and there’s no real specific care requirements beyond those of a typical tropical plant. Keep it consistently moist, warm and humid and it will thrive.