Philodendron 'Birkin'

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Philodendron 'Birkin'

The Philodendron ‘Birkin’ is a relatively new hybrid that is currently taking the plant world by storm. Take one look at the patterns of the variegation it exhibits, and you will understand the appeal. The white stripes of these leaves almost look as if they were painted on and only become more prominent as it matures!

Though the original Philodendrons used to create the Birkin hybrid have been lost to time (and probably lots of paperwork), all the positive qualities of the genus have culminated to create this plant. It’s easy to care for, rarely fussy, and grows strong enough that other plants can use it as a support to climb. The Philodendron ‘Birkin’ can be a bright pop of creamy white color in any otherwise predominantly dark green terrarium.

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Philodendron 'Birkin' Care & Growth


While this is one of the few plants that can tolerate the low light corners of your home, the PhilodendronBirkin’ will always do better with higher amounts of light. Because this is a variegated plant, however, it is always best to place the terrarium this is in where it can receive bright, indirect light for much of the day. Higher concentrations of light will help increase the contrast in colors on the plants leaves, making already beautiful patterns even more striking!


The PhilodendronBirkin’ enjoys moisture as much as the next plant, preferring to be moist but never soggy. Water as evenly as possible to prevent waterlogging the substrate, though having a mix with solid drainage (and a false bottom) can set the Birkin up for success in its new terrarium home.


This plant loves a moisture-retaining substrate, so a tropical mix high in sphagnum moss can work well. Try to balance the extra sphagnum with coco coir, bark and/or perlite in order to get the right level of drainage.

Temperature & Humidity

The Philodendron ‘Birkin’ likes mild temperatures and humidity levels whenever possible. These plants actually prefer cooler weather, with anything about 75°F actually stunting its growth for the rest of its life. With these plants, the higher the humidity, the happier it will be!


Because the Birkin is a relatively new plant on the market, not a ton is known yet about just how tall this plant can grow, how its variegation plays out once its much older, and if it displays any preference toward climbing like the rest of its genus.

In the same way a human grows gray hairs (if you don’t pluck them out first!), the Philodendron ‘Birkin’ shows off more variegation the older it gets. It has been rumored that the occasional pink or light red coloring may randomly appear on new leaves of this plant as they unfurl.


Philodendron Birkins take very well to stem propagating when they are mature enough to have some spare nodes to grow from. These plants seem to root fairly quickly in water but have also been known to put out roots even faster using the air layering method. Although this process is more difficult and a lot less common, it’s always worth a try!

Varieties & Similar Plants

The Philodendron family is massive, with new hybrids coming out every year. There are a few other varieties that grow upright rather than vine, and these include the Philodendron Black Cardinal, Prince of Orange, and Pink Congo. Even in such a diverse plant genus, the PhilodendronBirkin’ and its variegation pattern is uniquely beautiful.

Common Problems

While the Philodendron genus of plants is not known for being prone to any pest in particular, mealybugs can always appear but are easy enough to rid your terrarium of, even if you removed them a few days late.

If you see any yellowing on the edges of the Philodendron Birkin’s leaves, you are probably overwatering; decrease the frequency of your watering or open up your terrarium for a few days to remedy the situation.

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